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Flight Safety Request: Allow for built-in Jepp subscription

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I'm posting this on behalf of members of PPL/IR Europe

We have been promoting the use of SD as a useful tool for our members and many of us are loyal users.
We have had a good discussion on the PPL/IR Forum about SD. On the back of this we have collated some feature requests we'd like to raise for consideration
I've raised each one in it's own thread to aid Tim Dawson and the SD team to aid/triage them, but include a link below to the key ones we have raised

Ok so so far we have, in order of priority raised:

* Feature Request: Clearer means of user knowing if VFR or IFR flight rules have been used for purposes of MSA and NOTAMs. 
* Possible Defect: correct calculation of MSA for legs to account for fly/over/fly by and starting and end points
* Feature Request: Allow for built-in Jepp subscription
(This Thread)
* Feature Request: Make PLOG better / more Customisable for IFR


This thread covers

Allow for built-in Jepp subscription
A deal with Jepp to market Jepp plates at vastly reduced price through SD.
The majority of the PPL/IR members seem to use Foreflight for integrated Navigation and Charts. Some members are using SD, in conjuction with the JeppFD app, but the user experience isn't great- having to have two apps open. Sometimes SD also stops navigating if the Jepp app is left open long enough

The cost of Jepp charts are not trivial compared to the (usually free) national plates. However there's a good safety case to use a single provider which gives standardised chartology/nomenclature. Even if the face value of the charts were not lower, I suspect IFR pilots would choose to have the Jepp plates embedded within SD (and geo-referenced)

There is of course a "wild card" option for SD to create their own standardised IFR charts, but we suspect competing with Jepp would make this a financial non-starter!


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