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export flight log entry (without track) as machine readable textfile

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i just started using as my flight log book so i can carrying that book around with me all the time. they provide a nice api which allows me to automatically add a log book entry after a flight.

it would be nice to have a csv or other machine readable file added to the "Send by Email" functionality in Skydemon's logbook. that file should contain the necessary data to write a EASA type log book entry.. so it should at least contain these fields:
- departure aerodrome ICAO identifier
- arrival aerodrome ICAO identifier
- offblocks time (and date)
- onblocks time (and date)
- take-off time and date
- landing time and date
- aircraft registration

further more it would be nice to also have:
- departure aerodrome Name
- arrival aerodrome Name
- Notes

this could be a simple text file with key: value pairs or an xml or csv file that would be added to the email which already contains the .kml, .gpx and .flightlog file.

this would be an awesome additon and would allow all sorts of integrations into existing logbook services and i could imagine this would be quite easy to implement on your side as you already use all that data when generating this email.

also i wanted to point out that in the email body the block times are missing.. the body only contains engine times and start/landing times. further more, the take-off time is provided without date while the landing time contains a date as well. Engine times come with dates for both engine start and engine off.

currently i worked around the missing informaton by creating a debriefing package pdf file and then emailing that pdf to a script i wrote which converts it into text and parses it.. but you can imagine, that his is a very ugly hack and will probably not workf or long nor will it be vey stable..

kind regards

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