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Profile PA-28-181 (Metric)

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I've made a profile of the PA-28-181 for Skydemon. Everything, including the loading envelope, is calculated with metric measurements.
Goes without saying that all aircrafts are different and that everyone should tweak this profile to match the POH, equipment onboard and weight&balance instructions for their specific aircraft.

The attachment function on this forum does not work with any browser for Mac OS X so what you guys have to do is create a file called PA-28-181.aircraft in Notepad, or a text editor of your choice and paste this into it before saving.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Aircraft Name="PA-28-181" Registration="XX-XXX" FuelType="AvGas100LL" AlternateFuelType="None" FuelMeasurementType="Volume" FuelMeasurementVolumeType="Litres" FuelMeasurementMassType="Kilograms" TaxiFuel="5.000000" LandingFuel="5.000000" MaxFuel="182.000000" EmptyWeight="740.000000" EmptyArmLon="222.00" EmptyArmLat="0.00" Type="P28A" ColourMarkings="WB" ServiceCeiling="12000" Equipment1="DFGLOV" Equipment2="C" OtherCommsEquipment="" OtherNavEquipment="" FuelContingency="0.10" HoldingMinutes="45" HourlyCost="1060" HourlyCostIncludesFuel="True" GlideAirspeed="76.00" GlideRatio="12.00" DefaultLevel="3000" Envelope="208.00,740.000000,208.00,930.000000,225.00,1155.000000,236.00,1155.000000,236.00,740.000000">
<ClimbProfile FpmSL="720.000000" FpmSC="180.000000" IndicatedAirspeed="76.000000" FuelBurnSL="40.000000" FuelBurnSC="40.000000" />
<DescentProfile Fpm="-500.000000" IndicatedAirspeed="110.000000" FuelBurn="20.000000" />
<CruiseProfile Name="Defualt Cruising" FuelBurn="40.000000" IndicatedAirspeed="110.000000" Airspeed="110.000000" AirspeedType="Indicated" />
<FuelLoadingPoint Name="Fuel" LeverArm="241.00" LeverArmLat="0.00" DefaultValue="128.00" Capacity="182.00" />
<LoadingPoint Name="Pilot and Front Passanger" LeverArm="204.00" LeverArmLat="0.00" DefaultValue="0.00" />
<LoadingPoint Name="Rear Passengers" LeverArm="300.00" LeverArmLat="0.00" DefaultValue="0.00" />
<LoadingPoint Name="Baggage" LeverArm="363.00" LeverArmLat="0.00" DefaultValue="0.00" />

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