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Using iPad SkyDemon Navigation with FSX

By G-OIBM - 1/2/2013 3:20:01 PM

During the winter (and summer ??!!!!) where the weather is too bad to fly, I like to keep up my IMC skills by flying various routes and instrument approaches using FSX.

I can, currently, plug in my back-up Garmin 496 into FSX and the route and moving map comes up on the 496 whilst in sumulator mode.

Wouldn't it be a great tool if we could use the iPad SkyDemon plugged into FSX and allow hands on simulation via FSX?

Has anyone managed to achieve this FSX link?

Don't know weather to post here on in the sugesstins forum.

P.S - I am the worlds most un-educated person with respect to software, cables, patches and plug-ins (although I know the language), so a really easy fix (aka the garmin solution) would be great.


By ph-crj - 9/20/2019 3:51:41 PM

Works perfect with P3DV4-AI, IVAO and JoinFS.
Thank you, Achim