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Beta Version 2.3.1 (15/3/2012)

By srayne - 3/16/2012 6:00:23 PM


I love the new VNAV feature although I will have to wait for the WinCE (or Android BigGrin) version to test this out in flight.

The magenta course line overlays names of waypoints and navaids - not sure if ths is new behaviour but look at the attached screenshot and the 'WCO' NDB and 'Farmoor Reservoir' VRP names are obliterated by the magenta line.

Requests (already made I know but just re-iterating my wishlist)

1) I still miss the mapping options toolbar in Plan (see other topic)

2) I would still like to see the tiny wind barb in the skydemon Mobile instruments rotate when in "Course Up" or "Track Up" modes in flight to reflect the relative wind direction - it looks like it's always drawn "North Up" irrespective of which way the map is up. This would allow me to quickly visualise relative wind direction and strength (e.g. for a Xwind landing)

Great software.

By stuartforrest - 4/2/2012 3:51:06 PM

I always fly and navigate to a tenth of a degree, doesn't everyone?Laugh