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Windows 10 screen definition

By VMC-on-top - 10/6/2023 10:49:33 AM

I use Windows 10 and a second screen for flight planning. However, the resolution is very high and as a result, when i go into the flight details panel on the right, all fields are not visible, nor is it if i want to file a flight plan and GAR. I can't appear to change the size of the whole panel on the right. (i can still file via Android phone and tablet without issue but its not always ideal). 

Anyone else experienced this and found a way to resolve? I've tried changing screen resolution on desktop which doesn't work. 
By tnowak - 1/7/2024 8:54:14 PM

Just for your info, my SkyDemon program on my Win 10 laptop updated to the latest version a week or so ago.
When I went to use it I found I had the text display definition issue return.
As Tim mentioned previously, I deleted the skydemon.exe.manifest file and this fixed this problem.

Not sure what that file does but can your installer program be modified so this text display issue doesn't return?