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Skipping Turnpoints

By Tim Dawson - 9/26/2023 9:37:00 AM

Perhaps that might be a good idea. I think our algorithm already incorporates a check of your track, in the case where you are very close to two different legs.
By RV12Flyer - 9/5/2023 10:12:09 AM

Skydemon Version
Have not had this issue before. I am using my Android phone with Skydemon and it has performed perfectly.

On the last flight the Next turnpoint kept changing to a turnpoint that was further along the route. Eg. missing navigation to the next turnpoint in the route.
When I returned home I flew the same route using the simulator on the PC and it did the same thing.

Has anyone else had this? or
is it a bug? 
or a setting I have inadvertently changed?

Is there a quick way to force Navigation to the correct waypoint while flying? just in case it happens again??

Thank  you in advance