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“Show IFR features”option

By Pete - 3/14/2023 10:46:55 AM

When this is selected, the instrument plates are displayed but I notams ( which affect instrument plates) are not displayed unless ifr or mixed is selected in flight rules (as I have just discovered, thought I was checking notams pre flight, but the important ones were excluded in the notams tab!) , vfr being the fixed default.

I think this is inconsistent as anyone who selects “show ifr features” would want I notams displayed along with instrument plates( which of course may be affected by I notams)

Can I notams be displayed in notams tab with the above selected irrespective of flight rules please?
By grahamb - 4/13/2023 6:22:02 AM

marioair - 4/13/2023 4:56:04 AM
I’m looking at this from another angle. As an IR rated pilot, even if I fly VFR I always set flight rules to mixed so I pick up the I NOTAMs.

For NOTAMs specifically I’d like a default way of always showing mixed regardless of flight rules.

I have asked before for a setting that allows setting of a default flight rules to allow this.