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Planning along GAFOR routes

By GeKaiser - 8/1/2021 1:44:32 PM

By chance I came across a feature, but I'm wondering, how it really works: Planning along GAFOR routes in Austria
Planning a flight from LOWL to EDMV with "LO17" in the "route" field, leads to a nice flight plan along GAFOR route LO17, with several waypoints:

LSZH to LSZG via S12 works fine as well
Trying the same from LSZR to LSZH via "S13" brings up a straight magenta line and the following message, although the given airports are the official start/endpoints of S13

What's the logic behind this feature and how can I use it properly?
By Tim Dawson - 8/2/2021 11:20:26 AM

SkyDemon does not support "attaching" a route to a GAFOR route. What the OP has discovered may work some of the time but is not a supported feature.