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SkyEcho not showing other traffic

By Airborn - 6/18/2021 4:33:16 PM

I finally had a chance to get back in the air this week.
I connected up my Sky Echo to my ipad mini, via wi-fi, running Skydemon and set it up for the 172 I was flying. I have also purchased the Flarm addition to Skydemon.
We flew from a 77nm leg and saw several aircrft on that route, obviously I have no idea if any of them were showing ADS-B out.
At no time did I see any aeroplane icons on my ipad screen. I did get one warning of a target at my 11 o'clock, 100 feet below, I was not quick enough to note the range before the message disappeared.
When I returned i checked the configuration box on the Skydemon menu. Under statistics it says 10 ADS-B Aircraft Received, 0 Flarm Aircraft decoded.
Should I have seen aircraft icons on my screen? If so what was I doing wrong, please.
By tnowak - 6/22/2021 7:34:11 AM

I also fly in southern England and think my SE2 is positioned in a very good location.
It is located above me and has a good unrestricted view forward and, probably, 70-80 deg either side of "straight ahead".
Typically, on a good flying day, I may only detect a few ADS-B Out aircraft and one or two FLARM targets if gliders are about.
You won't "see" all the commercial ADS-B traffic high above you.

If you also use your SE2 to transmit ADS-B Out you can check it out using the PAW vector application.

This gives a good indication (over a few flights)  as to whether your SE2 is positioned in a good location and not masked by crew, engine or other metal bits of your 172.