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Landing times during flight training

By Ontario - 6/12/2021 1:41:54 PM

Guess everyone of us has done those traffic pattern flying with touch-and-go over and over again during flight training. If I do so having SkyDemon logging, how do I get the times of every landing listed? Not only first start and last landing but a list of all in between?

By Ontario - 6/15/2021 2:30:44 PM

grahamb - 6/14/2021 12:05:24 AM
If you open the log of the file, you can drag the little aircraft along the vertical profile with your finger/mouse, and a box showing the elapsed time since start, speed and altitude will pop up next the the aircraft. You can use that to work out the times of landings,

I must admit, it’s the first time in 29 years of flying that I’ve heard of the requirement to record the times of individual landings when doing touch and goes. Is it a club thing?

Yep, and about landing fees.