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Keep filtering options when viewing instrument plates

By jbmoens - 10/31/2020 11:07:20 AM

When visualising instruments plates for a given airfield, the filtering options are not retained between different document viewings, i.e., they reset back to ALL after closing a plate. It would be preferable that the filter selection be conserved while opening/closing plates (e.g., viewing multiple plates for APP+R08 only).

Thanks for keeping SD such an amazing app!
By jbmoens - 11/2/2020 3:20:03 PM

Tim Dawson - 11/2/2020 3:17:40 PM
Thanks, that's great feedback. We will save the selected runway and flight phase between viewing documents, starting with the next release.

Your point is taken about the ARR/DEP selection being automatic. I believe we actually do this already; if you're on the ground at an airfield you should see DEP selected if you go to view its plates. That method is used in preference to looking at any planned route to try to ascertain it.

Awesome - thanks!