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Small Grass Airfields - Accuracy?

By tnowak - 7/20/2021 7:29:03 AM

Pippa= Sanderson - 7/19/2021 4:09:42 PM
Well, your thought of the Little Trostrey Farm strip being incorrect is accurate. And to answer your question, I do think that the strip shown on SD is actually wrong. But I'll do the same as Tim did. I'll forward this to my brother, who's a bit more knowledgeable in all this, and hopefully, he'll be of more help. By the way, this is a bit unrelated to the topic, but do you guys know by any chance any companies that install fake grass? Maybe something like this If yes, could you please give me a roundup of a few companies that are good at it? Thanks in advance!

Contact Sandown airfield as they have some laid on their main runway. No idea what it is but looks like industrial quality/strength Astroturf..

By Rogerthedodger - 8/5/2020 12:00:49 PM

I just wondered where the actual information for small grass strips comes from. Little Trostrey  Farm strip I think may not be correct as shown on SD. There is a strip a little south of this at Tank School (also known as Little Trsotrey farm I believe). On landing at Tank School, I was informed that the strip shown on SD was not recognised as a strip and that the owner of that site had no interest in aviation etc. Also looking at Google maps it looks very unlikely this would be a viable landing site. Could it be that the strip shown on SD is actually incorrect? Thanks.