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Size of higher/lower value

By Maverix - 7/21/2020 5:20:58 AM

is there an option to adjust the size of the higher/lower value of (bearing less) targets?
Sometimes it's very hard to read this value during flight.
By efrenken - 11/9/2020 5:32:47 PM

Maverix - 11/9/2020 2:21:25 PM
Tim Dawson - 7/22/2020 8:49:29 AM
Yes, that text size is adjustable along with the other map fonts, under Mapping. It's the same size as larger airfields, so if you can read the names of airfields, you should be able to read the level text.

Maybe you can write the bearingless target information in a box with white background?
It's hard to find and to read!

So true!