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Google earth ?

By chrispilot - 7/26/2019 6:32:53 PM

When exporting a flight log to Google Earth the resulting image is as shown below. Is this intentional or are there some missing datapoints that "pulls" the track line to surface? I have tried several tracklogs and they all seems similar. Sometimes the spacing between the vertical lines vary though. 
Otherwise Im extremely happy with SD. Just completed a 3000km flight from Oslo Norway to Nomandie and back, visiting 23 airports and SD gave all I needed for planning and navigation. I used the Windy APP (,10.749,5) for weather, and maybe a future SD version could overlay a similar weather radar during flight ?  
By Tim Dawson - 8/28/2019 10:23:44 AM

What do you mean by pulling the line to the surface? The gaps between lines are normal, they reflect how often SkyDemon saved a position snapshot which does vary.

You can show SkyDemon's rainfall radar in flight along with all other weather, but you have to turn it on.