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Feeature Request: Hardware Tool to output serial Signals to steer my autopilot

By ph-crj - 3/18/2019 10:23:53 AM

we have the Air Connect Interface to send Traffic from Powerflarm to skydemon via WLAN.
I need a Hardware connected via WLAN and RS232 to Skydemon to steer my Autopilot.

Every old Handheld GPS (e.g Garmin Pilot III from 1997) can send this signals from the progammed track to my Autopilot. (TruTrak of Trio)

Any change to realize this Hardward and bind it to skydemon ?
By Jogra - 12/23/2022 10:59:37 AM

Hello ,

I am also interested in this functionality, basically to send the MNEA183 sentences to my Dynon EMS 100 to calculate the liters of fuel to the destination and some other function.