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"Ciruits" field when adding user airfields as custom data only shows on home PC not iPad

By Gaznel - 2/5/2019 1:26:49 PM

I have just added some additional airstrips to my Sky Demon. I included information in the box labelled  "Circuits" but this information then only shows on my home PC SkyDemon and not (when I really need it) on the corresponding new airstrip plate that appears on my iPad after I iCloud the info over . Any reason why this is set up this way.  My work around is to use the box called "Website" to add  circuit and other information  but that is a bit of a bodge Sad
By Tim Dawson - 3/6/2019 10:28:55 AM

No, we wouldn't make an adjustment like that only to support the improper use of airspace entities to depict circuits.