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Feature Request : Copy Aircraft In Library

By HardyK - 12/31/2018 4:25:43 PM

After spending a good deal of time inputting details for a particular aircraft (especially Power Settings profiles) I would like to simply copy that aircraft since others of the same performance and hourly rate etc. are available at the club.

Unless I'm missing something (?), after a few minutes I finally realised I can do this by selecting the aircraft to be copied then:

- 'Save to Cloud' and use a new filename.
- 'Load from Cloud' and open the new file.
- Select one of two identical aircraft that now appears in the library list (i.e. the one without the green tick).
- Edit the registration and save.

It's no great effort I suppose but it feels like a faff for a simple task.

Please add a 'Copy Aircraft' button alongside 'Use Aircraft' in Aircraft Library which does just that but, before saving it, invites the user to input a new registration.

Unless I really am missing a trick?
By HardyK - 1/2/2019 8:01:52 PM

Tim Dawson - 1/2/2019 4:54:09 PM
On a PC, go to your Documents folder, then SkyDemon, then Aircraft. You can copy the aircraft files as much as you like.

Got it. Thank you.