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Inserting an IAP/RNAV waypoint in route

By EHOW flyer - 12/17/2018 1:00:30 PM

When I have to navigate to a certain IAP waypoint (often the case in Germany), I can lookup for this waypoint by the ‘Find’ function, when found, the chart will zoom in at the then also highlighted position (circle). Normally you can tick this found waypoint and some options will appear, like the option to ‘insert the waypoint in the route’. This is not possible with the normally hidden IAP waypoints, the workaround is to open the pilot log and to insert the waypoint before a present waypoint in the pilot log. Is this on purpose or a bug?
By Tim Dawson - 12/19/2018 3:42:26 PM

I'm trying to reproduce this. Planned a route to EDNY, made sure airways mode is switched on and I can see that (for example) ETREM is visible on the map, which is an IAP waypoint. Long-pressing on that waypoint shows it in the What's Here menu.

Perhaps you're in VFR mode (as opposed to airways mode) so those waypoints aren't actually showing on the map?