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Specific Petrol weight

By tarutino - 10/10/2016 7:28:53 AM

Dear Sirs,
i tried to create a new Aircraft in Skydemon. Its a FK 131 Jungmann. So far so good.
In the W&B Dialog i created a Loadststion for Fuel.
And here i see a Problem:
When i fill in during the Flightplanning in the - Flight Detail -  Column Fuel for example 55 Liters, the Programm counts 55 KG instead of somewhat 38kg in the Addition of the Total Aircrafts weight. How can I correct this to the specific Weight of Petrol?

Thanks in advance,  Thomas

By tarutino - 10/10/2016 10:11:42 AM

Ok, i solved the Problem myself. Created the Aircraft on the iPad with the fault described in the first post.
Edited later the Aircraft with the PC Version, deleted the there the doubled Loadstation for Fuel and its done.....
Hope this helps somebody else.