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Create Canadian Charts

By zeenix - 4/14/2017 2:26:35 PM

I have been a subscriber for some months now and have been happy with SD for far. Thing is that I am hoping to relocated to Canada this year and continue flying in there. Do you still have no plans of covering Canada?
By Tim Dawson - 4/18/2017 11:50:18 AM

There are no plans to expand our North America coverage at this time.

If that ever changes, we will not keep it a secret.‌‌
By battiste - 7/22/2013 11:00:01 AM


I think it will be very nice to launch Canadian charts as they have published informations of their airports online, we can find airspaces with their coordinates (which is normally what we need to build up charts) with frequencies and a lot of other great stuffs to help us create this map...

Can you tell me how can I help you doing this ? I'm really really really interested in helping other pilots that wants this chart

See you and happy landings Hehe
By Richard747 - 8/20/2019 11:46:10 PM

Thank you for adding the Canada (Experimental) chart. I have used it several times at high altitude / high latitude / high Mach and it appears to work well with a seemless border to the adjacent UIRs including those in the USA.

At the risk of thread creep please can TFRs and VFR Flyways be added to the USA chart e.g. around Los Angeles.

By Tim Dawson - 12/16/2019 10:12:50 AM

It expired. We will get it regenerated in the next few hours, sorry about that.
By Richard747 - 12/19/2019 11:19:54 AM

Thanks Tim. For info CYTZ is showing duplicate runways at 250k scale and below.
By Richard747 - 12/15/2019 3:00:04 PM

What has happened to the Canada (Experimental) chart please?