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Pooleys or AFE plates?

By WillyRose - 7/3/2013 8:54:02 PM

Are both Pooleys and AFE plates geo-referenced?
If yes, is there anything to choose between the two?
Thanks in anticipation,
By Paul Walton - 7/24/2013 12:37:56 PM

Does anyone have any screenshots of airfield plates in action on SD? I'm thinking about subscribing to either Pooleys or AFE plates but can't make my mind up which - the georeferenced Pooleys or the better populated AFE's. Do the plates actually come on screen effectively from within SD, or does SD kind of "shell out" to display the plates separately? I use SD on a Nexus 7 device and I'm wondering about the screen orientation on some of these plates. The hard copy of Pooleys has some plates orientated for portrait viewing and some in landscape. When I view the PDF version of my current Pooleys documents in landscape mode (my normal orientation for flying) some of the plates are not orientated for viewing correctly.

Many thanks, Paul