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Garmin 296 USB not supported for navigation?

By torbjar - 3/28/2013 5:40:39 PM

I'd like to use my Garmin GPSmap 296 with SD. The route export and track log import always work as expected with either Auto or USB as device connectivity.

After buying the navigation upgrade, on GPS navigation options I don't get USB in the list of ports as expected. This is the same for Windows XP and 7.

Indeed, the documentation (GPS Navigation Facilities) only mentions the port and baud parameters, so maybe a USB connection is not an option although this is not mentioned.

So is USB supported for import/export but not for navigation, or is there a step I have missed?
By torbjar - 3/31/2013 10:09:44 PM

With the 296 serially connected and with NMEA In/NMEA Out format, things got better. I now get an altitude and the Nearby ATS briefing works. Maybe the 196 NMEA messages are slighty different than the 296's and from what SD expects.

The 296 gives a different response in Simulator mode. I do get an altitude but no yellow airplane. Similarly to the 196 in simulator mode, the green bar saying "Seeking GPS Satellites 8 found (8 out there)" just stays there.

I learned something during this excercise and maybe someone else too. I'm happy so far!