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Differences from CAA charts (extra visual items)

By cyberkryten - 3/5/2013 7:39:39 PM

I was just wondering if there was something I've missed to get additional visual items displayed on the SD charts (both on my PC for planning and on the iPad for Navigation).

The best example I have is the various white horses around me as whilst Avebury is noted as a VRP, the white horses aren't marked in SD but they are on the CAA charts (my 1:500,000 chart has them clearly).

As a secondary observation, the appearance of roads and rivers can be quite different - comparing the river betwen Avebury and Marlborough, the CAA map has a lot of detail (despite not being zoomable in any way) whereas the SD one is a lot of straight lines (very obvious when zoomed in).

The same is evident on the A361 between Avebury and Wroughton, there is a marked bend in the road, clearly visible on the CAA map but completely absent on the SD plot.

I understand that it needs to be sampled as straight lines, but it seems that not enough sampling points have been used to give a true indication of the river shape, though maybe this is to reduce the data footprint.

I guess as SD is being used with GPS, it is not as important to have totally accurate mapping - but as there is an option to print the route, I was a little suprised they are not that accurate...
By Tim Dawson - 3/31/2015 9:43:38 AM

We've been investing heavily in our charting for the last three years or so, and virtually NONE of that effort has made it into the old chart styles that were designed (as I mentioned above) to kind of loosely mimic national printed charts. That would require us to duplicate the effort for each style, and in doing so we'd void the purpose of those styles as they would no longer fulfil their original function.

The UK CAA chart style has been removed in the forthcoming version of SkyDemon.