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transfering user waypoint to iPad

By sprucegoose - 2/23/2013 2:14:27 PM

The help file says

Transferring Waypoints using Cloud Storage
To transfer your user-defined waypoints from the PC to the iPad, or vice versa, quickly and easily you can use the 'Save to Cloud' and 'Load from Cloud' options in the Waypoints window (tap Tools in this window on the iPad). All waypoints will be replaced by the ones loaded from the Cloud to avoid duplication.

Yet in the setup/waypoints window on the PC there is only an option to import or export a .gpx to the PC - no cloud option. However, setup/aircraft has buttons for save to, and load from, the cloud, which is what I was expecting to find in the waypoints window.

What's occurring, brothers?
By Awqward - 2/25/2013 11:01:26 AM

Related query: I have SD on my iPad and on my PC for flight planning and generally store and retrieve flight plans to/from the cloud...but occasionally I log in to SD Web using someone else's it possible to access my flight plans using SD Web? And if not is this a feature others would find useful?