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new ipad update

By PaulB - 10/12/2012 1:22:31 AM

just updated to latest version for ipad from app store,

Have noticed that after update - i press go flying and i just get message (seeking gps satellites) and nothing happens. No satellite lock

Also my last logged flight before update - i press show breadcrum and skydemon crashes to desktop.

i have over 60hrs logged with skydemon on ipad and find the software fantastic,

Like new skratchpad 2nd page and skydemon 2 map,

Hope there is fix for the 2 issues i found as i hope to use ipad when flying at weekend.
By Tim Dawson - 10/30/2012 10:24:50 AM

A permanent fix to this hanging problem has been worked into the product and a new version is on its way through the Apple approval process.