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Restricted Airspace Information

By Steve Turnbull - 9/3/2012 4:28:17 PM


A friend of mine is considering buying SkyDemon and asked me to check on my account if it had the correct information for restricted airspace.

The example he gave was Long Lartin just East of Evesham (EGR 204) which has a surface to 2200ft restriction for Helicopters only.

In the desktop version of SkyDemon you can hover the mouse over the restricted area and it has a note "Applies to helicopters only"

In the iPad version, I can't see this note and it shows as a restricted area, even though my plane is not a helicopter!

Am I missing something on the iPad or is it not possible to see the notes for restricted areas?

Is it possible to link restricted areas like this to plane types, in order to only show ones that apply, or perhaps fade out the ones that are not related? If not, perhaps just touching the restricted area to pull up the note?

Must admit, I love SkyDemon, this is only a minor observation :-)


By Tim Dawson - 9/5/2012 12:04:09 PM

Your assumption is correct I'm afraid. It's very un-straightforward.