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PLB and Lifejacket options when submitting Flight Plans

By DavidC - 8/18/2012 12:56:26 PM

I'm somewhat unclear about which options to select for supplementary details of a flight plan related to lifejackets.
I've read through the CAA leaflet/blurb about how to submit a flight plan form but am non the wiser.

I typically fly abroad/over water with
a) A PLB - the Kannard XS-4 which is 406MHz only
b) Reflective lifejackets for all crew which have a whistle, light and inflation
c) A covered inflatable liferaft

I don't carry a portable two-way radio. The aircraft has no ELT fitted.

Lifejackets have an option for UHF and/or VHF. Does this relate to the PLB?
I've entered maritime survival equipment and added details of the liferaft (colour, covered, capacity etc.)
Any other boxes I should fill in?

What would you typically write in the box for "Survival Remarks"

Thanks in advance

By duncans - 2/5/2014 10:24:15 AM

Could I ressurect this post with the hope that someone might be able to answer the question, 'what constitutes Survival Equipment'?

The structure of the form would suggest that 'maritime survival equipment' implies something MORE than Radio/Life jacket/Dinghy.

Anyone have a link to the 'minimum legal requirement' for placing a tick in the 'maritme (or other) survival equipment' box?