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export gpx to 2012 Garmin g1000 in Cessna 208, in correct format

By MXAKW - 8/15/2012 12:20:36 AM

Is there any info to achieve this without messing up G1000 unit? Some say GPX and others say FPL (with dire warnings against getting it wrong)
By phil8536 - 5/8/2013 9:26:58 AM

All, I have done quite a lot of work looking at transferring between Skydemon and G1000.

In summary the feature doesn't work at the moment. I have identified the following issues with the SD export file

1) The filename must be .fpl (lowercase) The G1000 does not recognise .FPL (uppercase)

2) The <comment /> lines need to be edited to <comment></comment>

3) The <country-code /> needs to have a value e.g. <country-code >EG</country-code>

4) The <waypoint-country-code /> needs to have a value e.g. <waypoint-country-code >EG</waypoint-country-code>

I have manually edited a couple of files and they seem to work fine.

More than happy to send SD example files etc. Just drop me a line