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Reliability of Swiss NOTAMs

By Beni - 8/2/2012 1:17:27 PM


I just played around with SkyDemon Plan in Switzerland and am a little confused about NOTAMs and activated R-Areas (restricted Areas).

One example for tomorrow, Friday 03.08.12:
- When checking DABS ( I see that D-12 (SIHLTHAL) and B0670/12 (SION MIL TMA) are activated. D-12 is shown active by SkyDemon but B0670/12 isn't!! Why?
- My flight also crosses LS-R8 (DAMMASTOCK) and LS-R9 (RECKINGEN). SkyDemon warns me that those are active but they are not (according to SkyGuide)! Why are they shown as active?
- LSR43, LSR51 and LSR44 ar other examples. These are restricted areas for gliders so it doesn't affect me. Any way to filter those out?

After all there's a lot of red blinking and confusion about what areas should be avoided and what areas can be crossed since they are inactive.

Has someone else noticed that?
How realiable is SkyDemon regarding Swiss NOTAMs / R-Areas?

By Beni - 8/3/2012 10:40:16 AM

Now even I get it. thanks.