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NOTAMS not showing, potential hazards

By johnofyork - 6/28/2012 10:52:10 PM

Lost confidence in Skydemon after several MAJOR issues with NOTAMS not being displayed. Check the NOTAMS, no Red Arrows flights showing, just by chance add 1 hour to the flight time and it shows Red Arrows transit later that day. Something so major should not be toggled on or off depending upon the flight time, it should show for the full day. Red Arrows transit time can vary (as it says in the NOTAM) and also my flight time could vary. I have planned a local route covering a large area that I may fly in on that day. When I check the NOTAMS I expect it to show anything within that area for that complete day. I often have no set destination, no set take off and landing time. In this particular case I could have set a specific take off time and the NOTAM would not have shown. Return late afternoon without being able to check NOTAMS again and fly in to a Red Arrows formation. Also, if you open a flight plan it shows the date last used and unless you change the date NOTAMS dont show. As mentioned before, I think it should automatically select the current date. No doubt the forum experts will be telling me I'm doing it all wrong but it's not fool proof and could have cost me my licence or a hefty fine.
I do my flight planning on a PC before going out for the day, I do not have a GPS because of the lack of suitable hardware with a bright screen.
By Tim Dawson - 7/26/2012 12:36:23 PM

John, this is mostly down to how you're using the SkyDemon tool. I disagree that if you set an explicit takeoff time for your route, then load that route later, we should change or remove its takeoff time automatically. It forms part of your saved plan.

What we have done recently, however, is to show a warning when the takeoff time for a route is set in the past. This warning forms part of the normal planning warnings and may well solve the issue where somebody may be unaware that they have specified a takeoff time in the past and therefore past data may be being shown.