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User Waypoints and Abeam Positions

By izzymanpo - 5/30/2012 3:55:38 PM

Hi, two things here I think would help in pre-flight planning

1) Currently, once you have created a relative position for a user defined waypoint, there seems to be no way of editing the relative part of the waypoint (ie. changing the radial or distance)

2) It would be nice if you could right click on a leg, and have an option "abeam point", perhaps defaulting to 90deg of track but providing option to have a user set radial. Perhaps this could be an extension of the relative user waypoint feature ?

Being able to set abeam points and/or setting user waypoint references to VOR radials (or in fact radials off ANY object in the database) in the log would certainly provide a higher level of granularity in flight planning. I find this feature particularly useful for say knowing that after radial xxx on vor yyy clear of controlled airspace, to indicate a climb or descent say. Or perhaps if I know I will need to report abeam a position en-route, having this in my flight log would be great

Anyway, food for thought. Anyone else find this a useful feature ?