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iPad 3 version Notam display in navigation

By nhodgson - 5/6/2012 7:18:08 PM

I have sevaeral routes planned for forthcoming trip to France. when planned I see a full Notam list. However, today when reviewing these plans offline with our group there were no notams and a message displayed along the lines "you must perform flight planning to obtain a notam list"?? Does Skydemon dump Notams after a time limit? How can I be assured having planned that there is aNotam list offline when entering "go flying" mode??

My trip is imminent - please help.

Ps. I am new to iPad and SkyD.


OK I had not logged out of SkyD but this morning when I opened the APP it took me to the SkyD panel to agree Ts&Cs. I then switched off WIFI to do a test. On opening a route offline the is no Notam data! So it appears in this situation you MUST open all routes with an Internet connection to re-establish NOTAMs for a route(s). BUT why is SkyD asking for Ts&Cs to be agreed in any case?? and why delete Notam data? Unless I remember to open my routes in this situation I would "go flying" with no Notam data - which is obviously what I and SkyD do not want.

would appreciate a quick response on this - currently no happen trusting in SkyD for my trip abroad.
By Tim Dawson - 5/9/2012 2:52:06 PM

NOTAM data remains loaded for as long as SkyDemon is running. If the SkyDemon app is terminated (whether you do this deliberately or you work with many other apps so SkyDemon is closed by the operating system) then when it starts again next time (you'll see the T&C page) it will no longer have the NOTAM data in memory.

We are considering permanent storage of NOTAM data for the next release.