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Geo-Ref airport departure/approach & Traffic circuit plates?

By jazondag - 2/18/2012 8:54:57 AM

In the first place I'm very happy that skyDemon moved onto the iPad. congrats on that.

Besides some small improvements required ( ie onscreen botton between heads-up vs north-up it is now somewhere in the menu, ie use the north indicator to switch)
There is one critical phase of flight which is not fully in details covered and this is the airport departure/approach.
To make Sky demon not only an enroute but a full an A-to-B application , i could suggest to use Geo-Ref airport approach & Traffic circuit plates ( like jeppesen), which pop-up on airport approach.

keep up the good work


By RobinHood - 6/19/2012 12:10:06 PM


+1 for me.
I'm also testing SD for our flying club in Germany. The most requested feature are traffic patterns/circuits on the iPad.
It's not necessary to have the (sorry for using the bad word) "scanned" plates. It would (for the first step) also be fine to be able to define the traffic circuits manually.

Is there any chance to get that work?
I also remember a discussion on AERO this year about getting the official sources from EUROCONTROL.

Looking forward for your reply,