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iPad sync

By oldvicar - 2/11/2012 12:08:32 AM

Delighted to see the new iPad app, I have installed it on my partner's iPad, registered to her PC. I'm trying to get it to sync with SkyDemon on my PC, but can't find how. I normally use a HD2 windows phone, which I will continue to use for now.

When I enter a path to the iPad in Setup/Connectivity Options, it accepts the path. When I then try to sync, it returns with Operation Failed, Failed to locate your SD Mobile device.

Any advice anyone, pls?
By agbourne - 2/24/2012 9:51:16 AM

Hello Tim,

One option to sync between the PC and iPad version would be to use something like dropbox. It's free for users to sign up to and works very well for other IOS apps that I use. You get 2GB free which I'm sure would be more than enough for all the necessary files.

Many thanks for a great product