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Posting Guidelines

By Tim Dawson - 10/15/2009 4:58:12 PM

Welcome to the Suggestions and Beta Discussion forum!

This forum is for suggestions for new features or other improvements that we can make to the SkyDemon products in future versions.

If you'd like to propose a new feature, please create a thread for it with a summary of what the feature will do as the thread title. We will use the number of positive replies to a suggestion to gauge the relative importance of all suggestions. That isn't to say we will automatically implement a feature with lots of replies, though; some features are simply harder to do than others, and some will run contrary to what we believe is the right thing for us to do.

We will be posting feature suggestions here ourselves also, to gauge how much people want them.

Please do not post here asking for a feature because a competing product has it. That is not a good reason to implement a feature. In fact, avoid naming competing products at all, as this forum is supposed to be for help with SkyDemon and not to act as an advertisement for other companies.