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By jekroth - 2/22/2023 10:37:46 PM

I have taken authorization for VFR night and have a proposal for a function.
If something happens and you have to make an emergency landing in the dark, it is not possible to see a good landing spot from the air, it is not possible to see what is forest or field.
In such a situation I would switch to satellite image in skydemon then I can see where it is possible to land
But for it to work well it would need a selection so the satellite image opens with my position in the center and then follows my position in the same way as Google Map, 
Possibly a airplane symbol instead of blue dot.

Today, when I open the satellite image in skydemon, I have to look for my position myself
By Sky Painter - 2/26/2023 11:57:45 AM

Martin Bech - 2/26/2023 9:25:01 AM
I support investigating the idea having the possibility switching to aeral view.