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Splitting complete french text file into separate plates and text

By ArnaudC - 1/26/2023 10:51:12 AM

Could we have a new look at splitting the french plates off of the complete text file.

On an internet forum, I read of a guy who spent a couple hours to write a Python script that could do just that. He used the headers to identify the various sections, extract the plate's name (AD2 text, SID/STAR xyz, VAC, ADC etc...) and use it as the file name for the new pdf.
I had an app, unfortunately now defunct, also splitting off the various procedures from the pure text bits.
So it does not look too difficult to do.

By grahamb - 10/27/2023 11:54:16 AM

ArnaudC - 10/27/2023 8:34:50 AM

Am I really the only one who wishes to get individual (and in time hopefully georeferenced) plates for french airports?
Come on people, pretend we're on Youtube, hit the like button!

It would be nice, but I guess that this only really interests IFR flyers, as the VACs are geo-referenced in SD.

Most IFR people will have at least an in-panel moving map with approaches shown, or better.