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VFR AIP Germany

By Jan_EDHE - 1/2/2023 1:59:11 PM

Dear SkyDemon Team, dear all,

I was wondering if the VFR AIP for Germany is now available for free in SkyDemon (as DFS provides it for free as of January 1), like for many other countries? I still only see the paid option on the SkyDemon website.

Apologies if this is a frequent question - I did not find a mention of it.

Many thanks

By tonton-h4 - 4/14/2023 6:43:14 PM

Good afternoon,

The free of charge German Aips are a terrible thing.

Each airport is defined by more than 1 pdf file, the minimum is 3 files per airport.

Stutgart for instance requires 10 pdf files.

Here is what I did, but it took me 10 days :

I went to the German site :

Then I created 1 pdf files per airport by merging all  relevant files into one pdf files

Then, I sorted them into subdirectories as we can have when scrolling thru

The Zip file containing all the VFR AIP Charts is 830 000 Ko.

Problem: almost impossible to update, because updates are not available ;  the data is the one extracted at

the end of last january.

This Zip-file can be put on-line at anyone request.