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Automatic chart overlay requirements

By johnichio - 11/16/2022 5:43:06 AM

The automatic chart overlay feature is good when it works, but it seems to not work I'm situations when more than one chart is available.

It's kind of frustrating that this is the case, because it's usually exceedingly obvious which one to display. I can think of some heuristics that could be used. But also, if that's deemed impractical or inelegant or whatever by the developers, then how about giving users some control if this? I should be able to state when planning a route which chart I would like overlayed depending on my position in the nav plan.
By KimW - 5/13/2024 8:20:59 PM

+1 Adams description from 2022 correlates to the propsals here I believe, I would also propose a feature to quick access a preflight markeds set of documents with a toggle option to select the active one - rather than a more complex feature trying to automate based on some rules.
I see the value and safety aspects of such, so a vote from me.