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VOR radials north reference

By cloudless - 8/22/2022 9:58:46 AM

Hi everyone,

new SkyDemon user here.

I'm a bit confused because the way I learned VORs is that they are referenced to magnetic north. At least to a certain amount, as they are not updated every time the variation changes.

But it seems SkyDemon defaults to referencing them to something else? For example, see the KRH VOR in south-west germany:

On the right side is an ICAO chart pulled from DFS AIS with the 360° radial in red and the SkyDemon one copied from the left picture in black.

The one from skydemon
a.) doesn't match with the one provided by the DFS
b.) isn't directly 360° true north either, it seems more like 355° or something
c.) the difference between them could be the variation (something link 2-3° here)

So is the data of the VOR wrong?

I had expected SkyDemon to provide, display and reference radials of VORs according to "magnetic". In parenthesis because, as noted above, their might be a slight discrepancy by the VORs not always updating their reference with every variation change.

Thanks for the clarification,

By Tim Dawson - 9/13/2022 1:46:00 PM

DFS have confirmed that their VOR declination data is very out of date, disappointingly. They expect to correct this in late December.

Thank you for bringing it to our (and their) attention.