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Weather data in flight refreshing, priorities?

By pseudonym - 8/21/2022 7:43:55 PM

I wholeheartedly appreciate the weather features (TAF, METAR, rain). In planning mode, there is a buffer of one hour back and forward, thus you may see the development over the next hour. The data appear to be refreshed even if in flight mode after some time, as I sometime see METAR issued after departure if the cellular phone connection is good. That's great. 

However, I have the impression that rain clouds don't change much (if at all) after a certain amount of time. I guess refreshing several (dozen) of METARs need way less data than 15 frames of bitmap data and therefore refreshing rain prevision is given a lower priority than eg METARs. 
How is this done internally? Is there a trick to get more recent rain data (eg zooming in/switching back to planning mode etc etc)?
By Tim Dawson - 8/22/2022 9:51:24 AM

There's no trick; if you've enabled internet connectivity while in flight, both will just keep trying as long as they need data.