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Hungary VFR manual

By erchegyia - 4/1/2022 10:07:25 AM

HungaroControl (Hungarian Air Navigation Services) started a VFR manual project (still in Beta). The data (including VAC & ADC charts) is available free of charge. Is there a chance to evaluate for possible georeferencing if they could be included in SkyDemon? As it's still under development, I believe they would be happy to take feedback and - possibly - requests regarding the format, etc.
By Tim Dawson - 3/10/2023 11:07:56 AM

Our discussions didn't go anywhere at the time. My colleague dealing with this is on annual leave until after next week, however, if you're in the same room with the provider it would definitely be worth asking if they've considered distributing the documents via third parties such as SkyDemon.