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Feature request: quick swipe charts

By erchegyia - 1/6/2022 3:49:41 PM

On airports with several charts, it would be pretty nice to have an option to switch faster between overlayed charts. Currently, you have to open the Airfields tab, scroll & find the necessary chart and click the overlay button. This is sub-optimal from the heads-down time point of view in critical phases of flight. My proposal would be to pre-select/mark the charts you expect to use and have a quick option to switch between.
For example, departure might need one or more ground chart(s), a departure chart, and an area chart. I would like to mark those during the briefing and whenever I choose to overlay any of them, have the option to cycle through all (two-finger swipe? dedicated buttons on the overlay? whatever). A bonus would be to automatically show the departure chart after liftoff and the opposite way around.

Thanks for any thoughts.
By ExternalUse - 8/18/2022 4:38:51 AM

I've been experimenting on Android with a PDF Reader App called XODO. If Skydemon could open charts with a different file name, the desired could be achieved. Because it's always "SkyDemonOutput.pdf", the tabs are not retained but overwritten.
Would there be any unintended consequence to open charts with an appended random string? SkyDemonOutputABC? Maybe just rotating through 1 to 10, which would avoid cluttering temp folders on devices.
That could allow to pre-select and open up to 10 tabs, which could then be further annotated and prepared for a particular flight.
@Tim Dawson might the above be possible to implement? It'd be a huge help and further improve the software for IFR although I understand it wasn't originally designed for that.