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Sorting frequencies in Pilot Log (printed version)

By jbmoens - 10/23/2021 6:13:44 PM

I like the Pilot Log and use it mainly as a printed version. My comments below refer essentially to the pre-flight printed version, not the live in-flight version.

I believe its legibility could be improved by:
  • Eliminating the redundant frequencies (not sure why some are repeated)
  • Adding the listening squawk to the LARS frequency, instead of repeating it on a different line
  • Enabling to sort the frequencies by alphabetical order, rather than along the route - it would make finding them on the page much easier and faster. Possibly, regrouping frequencies of all similar services (e.g., LARS, Airfields, Information Services) and sorting them alphabetically
  • Making sure that all major VOR and ADF are displayed at the bottom of the frequency list. Some key ones are often missing at print time, even when they are used as one of the waypoints (this is not the case in the live version of the Pilot Log)
Thanks for considering this,
By Tim Dawson - 10/27/2021 9:22:54 AM

Thank you. This is a bug and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. It'll be solved for the next release.