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UK Manchester Low-Level Corridor

By grahamb - 9/8/2021 11:48:03 AM

I'm aware that this odd airspace feature has been dicussed in the past, but I believe that it should be re-visited.

In May this year the rules around using the Low-Level Corridor between Liverpool and Manchester changed in line with the revised rules on Class D airspace.

Previously - to use the LLC without a clearance in VMC required no action, although technically Class D, there was a blanket permission which allowed entry without radio contact or permission, but either Liverpool or Manchester might provide Basic/Traffic Service if asked.

Since May - you must squawk 7366 while listening out on Manchester Radar on 118.58 and complying with the VFR rules for Class D, or get a positive clearance if you can’t comply.

There has been a ‘grace’ period since May where no action has been taken against people not complying with the new rules, but this has now ended as of today. Any entry to the LLC without either complying with the above, or a positive clearance and Radar Control Service from Manchester, will be treated as an infringement.

Now, to my point. I took a look at SkyDemon and it is not clear that this airspace is Class D; in fact it is shown as Class G, with no mention of any entry requirements. This could be highly misleading to pilots who are not familiar with the rules, and who are relying just on SkyDemon to plan their flight through it.

Can I suggest that 
a) the airspace shading is changed back to that for a Class D CTR 
b) further details on Listening Squawk and frequency are shown on the 'What's Here' pop-up 
c) it's made clearer on the PLOG and/or a warning is shown if a flight is planned through the LLC

By grahamb - 9/10/2021 1:36:06 PM

Tim Dawson - 9/10/2021 9:19:56 AM
We had already made changes to the LLR midway through the last AIRAC period, as we've been in consultation with both Manchester ATC and the CAA over the last few weeks on the topic. At the moment we want to keep it white so that people actually know it's there and where its boundaries lie. We've tried it CTR-coloured before, and it was not desirable.

Conversations are ongoing and I don't know how it'll end up eventually.

Thanks Tim.