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Integration of AUP Data from DFS (Germany)

By Frans - 9/2/2021 2:37:26 PM

Last month, I did some flights in northern Germany and I noticed that Skydemon doesn't contain AUP data for the TRA zones, which covers a big part of northern en western Germany. Skydemon just shows that for example, TRA EDR201E is active during "weekdays", but it is in fact just active during special activation times, reported by the AUP from the DFS.

Unfortunately, active TRA zones are handled in Germany like "prohibited areas", so an ATC clearance cannot be given. It is therefore very important for pilots to see the TRA status inside Skydemon, so we don't have to check some external websites for airspace status. Especially for pilots from abroad, which are unfamiliar with German websites etc., it would be a massive improvement.

Would it be possible to integrate the German AUP information into Skydemon, and connect it with the military areas, like TRAs, TSAs etc.?
By Frans - 9/8/2021 10:22:16 AM

That's great, thanks!

And yes, highlighting activation times would improve flight planning in Germany a lot, since this data is otherwise only available via the WebAUP. Especially for foreign pilots, the current situation is not transparent and might cause bad surprises during a flight.