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Geo referrenced charts - what does a chart need to be geo referenced in SD?

By Schildaero - 8/24/2021 9:40:30 PM

it just came to my attention, that on the eurocontrol DFS (german) airports i checked so far, does not have georeferenced departure/arrival charts avialble.
Due to the lack of rotating the pdf view on iOS, the geoerference overlay was a very good way to have landscape charts usable (and of the course the great increase of situational awareness).
So my question is: As far as I read here in the forum: Getting the charts geo-ref, was a manual process for each single chart. Is it sill like that?
Do you plan to get all PDFs that are to scale as geo-refs?
Is there anything that can be done to support you in that?

It would really like to use SD for my IFR Flights, but I don't feel comfortable having charts the wrong way on the display. And rotating the iPad is not an option, due to space (or better the lack of it) and I am running SD in split view with the IFD100 in IFR.

By Tim Dawson - 8/27/2021 10:59:55 AM

Ah, apologies, I should have said that we do not georeference SID and STAR charts currently.