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Surface with Metar/TAF

By Markus117 - 8/13/2021 5:36:40 AM

I used the GARMIN Pilot app and liked the possibility to get a quick overview of the local weather. I could choose if I wanted to see the current metar data or the TAF data which is still to come. Is there a possibility that Skydemon can also incorporate the same visual interface?
Greetings Markus


You can see RED DOT for no possible to fly with VFR conditions
and current wind 15kt Data and the TEMPO Wind Data 22kt.

By Tim Dawson - 8/17/2021 10:12:15 AM

Then I'm afraid I don't understand your question at all. You asked whether SkyDemon could do something that it's done for years, requires no settings to do, and apparently you've also been using it for some time. I am confused.