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German AIP MRVA Chart not available in document browser

By chrissantel - 8/3/2021 7:33:14 AM

As of 2020, the German AIP now contains a chart of all Minimum Radar Vectoring Altitudes. Since IFR flying below MRVA is prohibited in Germany (with the exception of flying on published instrument departure and approach procedures), the MRVA is an important piece of information for planning VFR-to-IFR and IFR-to-VFR transitions. As such, having this information available in Skydemon would be extremely helpful.

The electronically published German MRVA chart found in chapter ENR 6 of the German AIP (see ). Whereas other ENR 6 charts (namely the lower and upper airspace enroute charts) can be found in the SkyDemon document browser, the MRVA chart is missing. This may be due to the fact that the MRVA chart has not yet been integrated into Eurocontrol's EAD database.

I would very much welcome the availabilty of German MRVAs in SkyDemon. The cleanest solution would likely be the ability to toggle an "MRVA layer" in VFR or Airways map modes to directly indicate the data on-screen. Yet I understand that this would require some development. Simply overlaying PDF as a georeferenced MRVA chart could potentially result in performance issues due to the size and resolution of the PDF but may be another approach. Pulling up the non-georeferenced chart from the AIP document browser would also result in the data being available to the pilot, but would be the most cumbersome to use in the cockpit.

I would love to see this data being made available in SkyDemon.

By chrissantel - 8/5/2021 4:19:13 PM

Hello Tim,
thank you for taking on this subject so swiftly. I am looking forwards to seeing the MRVA chart in SkyDemon soon.

As known, you and the SkyDemon team offer perfect customer service. Keep up the spendid work!